For the TALENT

The Talent must have a home studio or free and easy access to a studio to be listed on this site. The home studio must also be able to produce broadcast quality audio and the Talent must have a parent/carer/chaperone (hereinafter known as the “Representative”) to aid them with the production of audio. Please note Talent and Representatives will be vetted before being accepted onto this site.

Fees vary from job to job but we will always discuss rates openly with our Talent’s Representative, who will in turn need to agree to the level of remuneration offered. Please do not proceed with any work until all parties are in agreement. Failure to comply could result in non-payment. As a Management Service/Broker/Casting Site/Pay 2 Play, we charge a commission to our Talent for the introduction and liaison service we offer. However, Talent are not required to pay to be listed on this site. Commission is applicable and will be taken from each job before payment to the Talent is sent, the percentage of which can vary depending on the level of input required to organise the project, but will be no less than 20%. More information on fees will be forwarded to the Representative if their respective Talent is successfully chosen to work on a project. We will invoice the Client on the Talent’s behalf and payment for the work the Talent undertakes will be sought from the Client before the job commences. It will only be released to the Talent once the job is completed to a satisfactory level (see below). Please also note that the money for the job is for the Talent’s (child’s) contribution to the project. We do not pay Representatives and/or their associates etc to produce, manage, edit, direct or otherwise. As the Talent’s Representative, if you wish to take a cut of the monies being paid, that is for you to discuss/arrange with your Talent.

Once the audio from the Talent has been delivered to the Client, they will have 7 days to approve that audio. If the Client requests amends to that audio due to mispronunciation/errors etc, the Talent will offer two rounds of revisions for those specific issues. If the Client and/or their representative has not live directed the session and requests another read through due to tone/inflection concerns etc, then we will look to charge another Basic Session Fee (BSF) to the Client for the same. Any further amends will be at the discretion of Child Voices and the Talent’s Representative. Any script changes by the Client will be subject to additional charges to the Client. If the Talent is unable to deliver an acceptable finished product to the Client, we will then scrutinise the situation and negotiate a solution, one that is reasonable and fair to all parties. We will always try and encourage the Client to live direct sessions for ease.

In terms of licensing, it is illegal for a child to perform (with payment/remuneration of any kind) without the necessary license in place. * Representatives of the Talent – it is your responsibility to make sure you have assisted in the application of a license with the relevant production company or producer by signing and forwarding the appropriate Local Authority forms. By the same token, it is your responsibility to seek a license for the Talent when they work from home, with you being the “Employer”. Should you need advice on the same, please do not hesitate to contact us or your Local Authority’s Child Employment Team. Child Voices cannot and will not be held responsible for any repercussions of a child not being licensed for any given project/performance.

The Representative’s agreement to have their respective Talent listed on this site is an absolute acceptance of these terms and conditions and it is the Representative’s responsibility to read and accept these terms on behalf of the Talent, who in most cases, are minors.