For the CLIENT

Our booking process is very simple.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Simply take a listen to our Child Voice Over Artists aka STARSΒ HERE
  2. When you find one you like the sound of, click CONTACT
  3. Send us a message detailing what it is you require – please give as much information as possible, including what the job is for, its usage & any budget/dates you have to work toward, and a script would be great
  4. We will then contact your chosen STAR & work with you to book a session at a time & date and rate that is acceptable to all parties. Nb: if you decide to allow the session to be recorded without live direction, you waive your right to multiple takes. You will not be entitled to ask for another take once the audio has been delivered, unless there are mispronunciations
  5. Once a booking is confirmed, we will ask you for a pre-payment, which will be held in Escrow. Once the audio is received from the talent, we will scrutinise the content to make sure it passes our quality control, then forward on to you for approval. You will then have 7 days from the day audio is sent to request any changes*; after that, the payment will be sent to the talent. Please note that audio will not be released to you until your payment is made.Β 

* Once the audio has been delivered, if you request amends due to mispronunciation/errors etc, the Talent will offer two rounds of revisions for those specific issues. If you decided not to have a live directed the session and request another read through due to tone/inflection concerns etc, then another Basic Session Fee (BSF) will be applicable. Any further amends will be at the discretion of Child Voices and the Talent’s Representative. Please also note that any script changes will be subject to additional charges. If the Talent is unable to deliver an acceptable finished product, we will then scrutinise the situation and negotiate a solution, one that is reasonable and fair to all parties. We will always try and encourage the Client to live direct sessions for ease.

Please note: Under the Child Employment Act, a child has to be licensed when receiving payment for work, either in currency or other benefits. It is the responsibility of the person/company creating the production to apply for the relevant license with the Local Authority of where the child resides. Child Voices offers a bespoke Licence Application Service should you not wish to deal with this matter. However, we cannot be held responsible if you fail to apply for the relevant license. In the case of most of our home recordings, a license is already in place for each child.Β 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: No exchange of full names or contact details of any kind can be made between you and the talent/talent’s parent. You are not permitted to contact the talent directly. All communication between you and the talent, now and in the future, has to come through Child Voices.